Tuesday, June 21, 2011

It's a lonely life here in sicksville!!!

So since the last time i wrote I have been... SICK SICK SICK!!!! I just can't seem to get well, just when I thought it was over KAPOW! Hit again! Here's the skinny:
The first Sunday in June our Missions trip group had a "shot" party. Passport health came to the church to take care of all of our shots that needed to be taken care of before we took the trip to El Salvador. I had to get two shots Polio and Typhoid. So I get my shots, no crying fussing and I didn't even bleed! But later that day my arms HURT! I took Motrin just to help with the inflammation and before bed I took 2 Tylenol, sometimes fevers can be a part of vaccines. And then it hit me, the next day man I felt like I got hit by a school bus! I was wiped, no energy, no appetite and just all around not feeling good. But whatever it's a shot and they can do that. The Hubs went out of town  to a funeral to support his best friend and took handsome with him and while I missed my boys, I was happy to only have the girls to care for. In case you didn't know I watch my niece and also a little girl I have had since she was three months old, she's 2 now and such a sweetie! But anyways I wasn't getting better and by Thursday I decided I needed to see my  Dr. because this was going on for too long. At this point I had fevers, a really bad deep respiratory cough and just all around general not feeling good. So my doctor did a test for strep throat, the flu and bloodwork to check or something bacterial. I did not have the flu or strep throat, but I did have a bacterial infection. Because the typhoid vaccine was such a doozy for my immune system it left some other areas suseptible to yukiness and while under normal conditions my body would have fought it off and I would be none the wiser, my immune system was busy with a bigger bug and so an infection I got. Dr Robertson put me on antibiotics, a cough syrup with codein, Mucinex, Tylenol and albuterol breathing treatments. I was a walking drug factory. She then called me a few days later to check up on me and I was not any better, in fact since Friday I hadn't been out of bed so she called in a Zpack and gave me a warning. She knew I had planned on going to El Salvador, but what she also knew was my body was fighting, hard and with the antibiotics in my system not only was it killing the bad bacteria but it was also killing the good bacteria as well. By the time I got off the antibiotics I would not have enough time to build my immune system up before leaving for El Salvador. She recommended for my own health that I not go on the trip and take the time to get my body back it tip top shape. While it's easy to type the words the decision was not an easy one to make, I did regretfully cancel and while I am heartbroken I know I couldn't complete the mission in the condition I'm in. So I spent a few days mourning my loss and by Thursday I was thinking I might be getting back to my usual self and on Friday I was just sick of being sick! Saturday morning on the other hand was a whole other animal! I woke up feeling like that first Monday after the shots tired, weak and aching all over. Oh No NOT AGAIN!!!!! I pushed through my day thinking this is just a stage of sickness. We spent the day with my sister and her boyfriend as well as my parents and of course all the babies! It was a fun day. When Jeb got home the fun for me was over, I was going thru several coughing spells and eventually after coughing up  (sorry) a lot of blood and throwing up from coughing up the blood the Hubs took me to the emergency room. We then found out I have pneumonia! SERIOUSLY!!!!!!!!!!!!! So now I'm on another antibiotic, a different cough syrup (not a liquid thank GOD!) and a stronger inhaler. My first concern was if I was contagious which I am not but I do have to take it easy and aviod extreme temperatures. Stinks! It's summer time I waanna be outside playing in the sun with my kiddos but for now I have to watch from the window. I have learned a lot from this little Mission trip to sicksville:
1. I don't ever want to be here again!!!
2. There is nothing good on Tv in the middle of the day!
3. I learned the true and unselfless love and support of my brother in law Barod! He took care of me when there was no one else around to do it, he cared for my children and made sure that I could rest. Without him I know I would be much worse off today.
4. My sister Melissa while not a big ball of emotions was REALLY worried about me. She was generally concerned for my well being and made sure that my other responsibilities were taken care of so that I could rest.
While this was all happening to me there were 2 people that cared for everything else. My sister and her boyfriend Barod. I am genuinely and eternally grateful for everything they did for me, they cared for me when I was too weak to care for myself and that is what LOVE is.
So, thank you God for these 2 amazing people and thank you for letting me experience their unconditional love! I am truly blessed to have the 2 of them in my life.

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