Friday, June 3, 2011

My BIG muscle..... It has memory????

Ok so first of all I have a confession to make!! I LOVE SCHOOL!!! I know almost 30 and it took me this long to feel that way. Oh well, better late than never, right? Over the summer I decided, well actaully I have to take a science class so I can graduate with my Associates next summer. Biology 101, Fundamentals of Biology not one of my hardest classes but a doozy just the same and I am taking it in 8 weeks instead of 15!!! I know I must be crazy is what you are thinking!! But whatever, I am smart, and I am devoted to my current mission of school so onward I charge! And then yesterday IT HAPPENED!!!! We are in week 2, have just now completed 4 chapters! WOWZA!!! Concepts are whizzing past me, smacking me in the face sometimes I get them and sometimes... well I have to study. But yesterday was a day unlike any other day! I knew everything BEFORE my professor said it!!!! We are studying cells of plants and animals, this is my kind of science. And he is going over the parts of the cell, so he posts the first power point presentation slide, "the brain of a cell" and my brain said The Nucleus, my brain was right !! Oh don't get too excited; wait there's more! Than he moves onto the Endomembrane System and my brain says Endoplasmic Reticulum, Golgi Apparatus, Lysosomes and Vacuoles! Um excuse me are you impressed yet? Cuz I am and this is my brain!!!!! I learned this stuff in SEVENTH grade!!! Seriously! After the pregnancy Mommy brain where I forgot everything under the sun to just the general Mommyhood life where you always forget things, I remembered this!! I am so amazed, proud and uplifted I have to step down off my cloud (hey every girl can have it once in her life) to get back to normal life! I knew it before, but this is why God called me to the medical field, because my muscle has memory. Even though I don't always think I can do something or am able or even equipped God wired me and He knows what I am capable of! He knew and knows what my muscle can do and in the Medical field your muscle MUST have memory. You have to be able to think on your feet and make hard decision under great stress, because someone in my particular case two peoples lives are in my hands and it is no time for forgetfulness. So God revealed to me in the way He always does a concrete reason for why I am on this journey. As a labor and delivery nurse or a Midwife I have to be able to recall tons of information and sometimes its in a dangerous situation. Thank you God for your wiring, thank you for your gift of life and thank you for allowing me to be a part of the greatest miracle granted to us on this Earth childbirth.
Do you know your muscle has memory? Ever recalled anything and you were just amazed that unutilized info was even in there? Tell me about it!

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