Friday, July 22, 2011

Just like you Mommy!!!

So on a day out to run errands the kiddos and I headed all over town. Caitlin is the Dj and she for the most part determines our playlist. But for some reason totally unbelieveable to me I was able to use my random shuffle on my iPhone. Then it happened... A Matt Maher song called "Your Grace is Enough" came on. Now this is one of my favorite songs, I listen to it a lot while cleaing house and we sing it in church often. Caitlin was singing the song word for word (not uncommon) and she said Mommy I like hearing this song in big church with you (on some occasions at our church we have family services where the kids join their parents in the sanctuary). I looked in my rear view mirror and Caitlin was singing the song with both her hands raised in the air. My 4 year old was in total surrender! When Caitlin caught me watching her she said Mommy I raise my hands just like you, I am lifting up high to the sky! I was... well there aren't even words to describe how I felt. It was just ...... well you get it!
My girl, my little girl in total surrender, and worship and she learned it from me. I have not arrived to a place in my life where I can grow no more but this was a sign to me that I am on the right path!

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