Wednesday, August 15, 2012

HELLO....... I'm Back!!!!

Well hello there!

It has been QUITE a while since I have blogged! I need to get back in the habit... It has been a crazy year.
Almost done with all my prereq's for Nursing school, Caitlin had a great year of Kindegarten, she has really blossomed as a dancer and Josh well he is as always up to his usual shenanigans!!!

I have 3 classes left and will be applying to the Nursing program at AACC and also University of Maryland. I was going to apply for the Spring semester, which would mean that I would start the program in January at AACC. But I have been at this for 3 years and am now overwhelmed and not seeing a light at the end of the tunnel! Is this going to push me back? Yes! But I am not perfoming at my best because I am burnt out and I just want to have a break I will probably still take a class over the Spring semester, just to keep my brain in that academic mindset. but I am loking forward to the break! That way I can finally enjoy a whole summer and start fresh next fall.

This year both kids will be in school... Caitlin will be in first grade and she is so excited to go back to school. She is already getting into her school routine. I started a Chore/Reward chart for both the kids, but Caitlin is super excited about it! Josh will be in Preschool this year and he is excited to go to school and use his new back pack!  But the hardest thing about this year will be...Me! This is the first year in 6 years that I will not have a baby at home! Last year I had a full year to just enjoy Josh and he is even more Mommy-centered than before. And I don't mean that he is clingy, needy momma's boy, but he is all about me. He wants to know where I am what I'm doing, he wants to be with me.. because that's the way it always is. And quite frankly I love it, he is my man and I am going to be heart broken on his first day of school. More so when I get home and get the quick realization that there is no little one at home with me. But this is the way it's supposed to be and I know he will love school and have such a great time there!

Caitlin is in the middle of auditions for her dance studios Competition team. She auditioned last Thursday and has another one this Thursday. What does this mean for us? Well it means going out of town a few times during the year for competitions and Nationals in Myrtle Beach in the summer. For Caitlin this means more of what she loves time on the stage and the practice to hone her craft. She is very excited about it and we have her last audition tomorrow night.

Josh... well if you know him you know..... With the start of prescholl I am parying for patience for his POOR teacher everyday! Don't get me wrong Josh is not a bad child, he is the sweetest, kindest little boy! But he is mischevious! If it is quiet and you hear nothing... FIND HIM!!!! Whatever it is it wont be good! So thus the prayers. :) Really what I am hoping for is that Josh gets into the routine of school and can focus enough to learn and calm him a little bit, not to take from him but just redirect that energy.  He wants to play soccer again this year and while I know he enjoyed it.. when he wasn't playing with the grass or looking at the airplanes in the sky or well anything besides playing soccer! :) But that's what he wants to do so soccer it is! But I don't believe we will be with the same group as last year I am going to try to go to something a little closer to home.

And as the summer is coming to a close it is that time again.. BIRTHDAY PARTY TIME!!! Well I knew this day was coming, but my wallet wishes it was further away! This year Cailtin doesn't want a party with Josh, in fact she only wants girls there! She wants an American Girl Tea Party! When she told me this I imediately went into a panic! We are going for her birthday as a Mommy Caitlin day but a party YIKES! Well she basically just wants a tea party with her friends and their dolls PHEW what a relief! So I have been busy planning that and making things to get ready for it! She is so excited!! And Josh well he wants a Jake and the Neverland Pirates Party at Chuck E Cheese. Thank you Josh for being easy to please! I seriously dislike Chuck E Cheese because I believe its the place good behavior goes to die but that's what he wants so Chuck E Cheese it is.

With school starting soon I am so happy to get back into my routines, back to the gym, back to weight loss, back to healthy eating and back to my Flylady routines. And most importantly back to blogging about it! See ya soon!!

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